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Connecting Neighbors to Christ and Each Other through the Power of the Holy Spirit

About US

Church in the 21st Century...you won't be bored.

SRC's Core values

Core values are the commitments that drive us day to day. Values tell the members of our church what we do and don't do, how we make decisions, how we handle conflicting priorities, and what every leader must be committed to. Values provide a true North Star to which to turn for focus.

The following are our core values:

  • Authentic Friends

  • Experiencing God

  • Risk-taking Prayer

  • Introducing people to Christ in Creative Ways

  • Passionate Spiritual Growth

  • Serving the Community of South Riding

SRC's Mission

Mission is simply the core purpose of any organization. It describes why the organization exists. It is not vague or overarching; it is precise and focused, memorable and short. Our Mission orients the Church to its reason for being and should be a daily motivator for each member. The following is our mission statement:

Connecting Neighbors to Christ and Each Other Through the Power of the Holy Spirit

About South Riding Church (SRC)

Church can be a fun and creative place. Our church is a harbor for those who seek something more... We are a new community, dedicated to an abundant life with God, whose mission is to help those searching for a relationship with God.

We believe God is accessible and we can get to know him. Our worship services are dedicated to clearly communicating this reality. The use of understandable language, and lively Christian music, are intended to help present truths about life in a way that will encourage your journey with God.

We believe God has given us talents and gifts to share with others. Our site is a place where you can discover your gifts and know where to use them in the church and in the community. If you are interested in being part of the team of technicians working on communication, email us, and please stop by our site again.

Life with God is enjoyable... Stay Connected. Join us for abundant life without the guilt and the guesswork.

Strategic Focus Areas

We realize that we are better off doing a few things really well than to try and do many things at once. The Strategic Focus Areas are major strategic components that will, consistent with our values and mission, drive our activities for the next few years. Our Strategic Focus Areas are:

  • Build the house through a strong leadership team

  • Build the people through small groups

  • Build the bridge to South Riding through ministries to children and youth

  • Establish a 24/7 presence in South Riding

Build the house through a strong leadership team

  • Formation of Servants' Council to meet quarterly

  • Servants' Council report back quarterly to congregation

  • Ministry Teams implement Strategic Initiatives

  • Maintain a Finance Committee

The Servants' Council comprises Servant leaders who fulfill the description of the first "Deacons" in Acts 6:2-6. People who are well known to the body, influencers for Christ, spiritually growing servant ministers who have distinguished themselves by their service, their active support of the Pastor and SRC Mission, and financial giving to SRC. Appointed by the Pastor, recruited by Pastoral Staff, upon nomination of the Servants Council or by individual application. This is a one year commitment, which is renewable annually.

Build the people through small groups

  • Achieve 60% of Church body regular attendance in a small group (70% the following year; 80% the following year)

  • Every small group to manifest the core values

Build the bridge to South Riding through ministries to children and youth

  • Two "child targeted" Creative events to introduce neighbors to Christ and SRC

  • Two Service efforts to South Riding

  • Develop a pathway for belonging and believing to include Newcomer events/classes/small groups

Establish a 24/7 presence in South Riding

  • Do a feasibility study for establishing a church pre-school

  • Launch Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs)


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