South Riding Church
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What We Value At South Riding Church

Authentic Friendships:  Church should be a place where people are warm and friendly, and where everyone knows your name. At SRC, we walk alongside each other without pretense, seeking to love each other as Christ would, developing friendships that are rich and real.

Experiencing God:  Through a unique blend of Word Spirit, and liturgy,because we believe that God is alive, present, relevant, and wants to be in relationship with personally with each one of us.

Risk-taking Prayer:  We believe God can do the impossible! So we pray FIRST– we don’t just “do stuff” We are a Prayer Driven church that believes the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead calls us to risk-taking prayer for all our needs

Introducing people to Christ in creative ways:  Through caring and welcoming friendships, relevant and compelling preaching, creative arts, drama, dance, music, video—We are not afraid to try new things in order to engage people’s intellect and emotions with the life-changing person and message of Jesus Christ.

Passionate spiritual growth:  Introduction to Jesus Christ is just the beginning! We are on a lifelong adventure of becoming more like Jesus– living our lives as Jesus would-- Developing the same heart Jesus had through habits of Bible study, worship, prayer, fellowship, small groups

Serving the community of South Riding and beyond:  We are committed to listening to, discovering, and keeping pace with the changing needs of every community we reside in. South Riding is the first, but not the last, focus of our mission.